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P R I V A T E &
O N E 2 O N E

Be in the Moment

I understand that for some the prospect of yoga can feel a little daunting or intimidating. With so many teachers, styles and a whole new language to get to grips with, entering a class for the first time can feel overwhelming.

Private classes can help ease you in gently with a number of benefits.

  • We can discuss your personal needs and reasons for starting your yoga practice

  • We can find a style and pace that suits you

  • opportunity to bring along a friend or partner for moral support

  • I can help you strengthen an old injury, rebuild your physical confidence as you get to know your body and its ability and develop mind-body awareness

  • I can help you improve mobility and range of motion

  • we can target specific goals; upper/lower body, strength, flexibility, spiritual growth, anxiety, core strength, balance and awareness

  • at a time and location that suits you

I have my own yoga space in Bonnevaux just 25 minutes from Morzine, Chatel, or Lac Leman. You can come to me.

Alternatively, I travel to your own chalet, apartment, terrace or garden.

For me, the best part of the beautiful practice is the opportunity to share it with others and to watch as they develop their very own unique relationship with yoga.

I love to help develop flows that work directly to meet the needs of the individual, so they have the knowledge and ability to introduce yoga into their own personal daily routine. 

1 session 55€ 

3 sessions 125€

5 sessions €195

Private clients, families, couples, friends, corporate and small groups are welcome.

Online sessions can also be available.

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