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B R E A T H E & S U R R E N D E R

The physical postures of our practice are just one aspect of yoga. During class we use mindfulness, self-reflection and patience in our approach to ensure we do no harm during our practice, and separate ego from true self.

Through the use of breathing techniques, meditiation practices, chakra alignment, prana flow, mantras, music, aromatherapy, along with our physical asanas my goal is to help you quiet the mind and promote wellbeing, feelings of inner peace, tranquility and calm.

I practice and teach two styles of Hatha yoga.


 “Vinyasa” derived from the Sanskrit term nyasa, which means “to place,” and vi, “in a special way”  

The results are a delicious fluid sequence which flow with the of the breath. 

Vinyasa promotes blood flow, raises heart rate to build fire within, stimulates the lymphatic system to cleanse and detoxify. These more dynamic, stronger flows are designed to tone the entire body and build core strength, develop stamina and promote balance. Harnessing the beauty of the breath to take power and energy from the earth upwards.


Yin yoga is a quiet contemplative practice.

It targets the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues – ligaments, joints, bones, the deep fascia networks of the body and the meridians.

Within our Yin practice we take a softer, more mellow approach.  With calming flows to deepen awareness of the self and cultivate the connection between body and mind, nourishing the body, slowing everything down and improving joint health, flexibility and inner calm. 

Both styles help to open energy (prana) channels throughout the body, encourage release of physical and emotional tension, complimenting each other or your regular physical exercise.

All classes are open to every body, whether you choose a mellow or a dynamic flow, modifications can be made in each and every pose.

Classes always start and close with a short meditation, gentle neck and shoulder stretches and finish with a guided relaxation in Savasana and I try to find a way to incorporate essential oils, aromatherapy and reflexology if I can.

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