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I am Nina, originally from the North East of England living in the French Alps. A Yoga Alliance qualified Yoga Teacher, lucky enough to be guiding regular weekly classes in the Porte du Soleil ski area since 2015.

I have always been naturally introspective. An introvert who veers away from noise and crowds. I am a typical highly sensitive. Prone to anxiety. Easily overwhelmed. Although I appear calm on the outside I often experience a complex inner narrative. I am happiest in nature, a huge meadow, underneath a tree, nose in a book, skiing solo down a mountain, a blowy walk on the beach.

I was drawn to the spiritual East from a young age. Intrigued by the ancient wisdom of those who have come before us.  Having always felt everything (a little too!) deeply and after visiting India, Yoga slowly but surely secured its place in my heart and became a sacred and essential part of my daily routine, and has been for over 20 years.

The physical benefits of my regular practice are many, but the emotional benefits are life changing. 

Yoga is so much more than just physical movement. 

Through Yoga I have uncovered a calmer, gentler, more aware me. I am less anxious, less reactive. More in tune with nature and all her seasons. Kinder and more understanding of self. Through bringing together body and mind with breath and movement, my personal practice has heightened my awareness of self, how the ego mind is separate from our true self.

Yoga has also led me to explore the traditions of Reflexology and Reiki. Our bodies hold, react and interact with energy in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways. 

I am never done learning.

Love sharing the knowledge.

Being so sensitive, I have uncovered a gift to really align with my students and clients. I love being guided by you, to reach your goals, to help you listen and reveal what your own self wants from our sessions. 

I rarely plan a class. I begin. I sense. I listen. We move to the energy in the room. What comes is organic, intuitive, fluid. Healing.

In addition to my 200hours yoga teacher training I have 150hours Distinction in a Diploma of Reflexology; 30hours Yoga Nidra Teacher Training; Reiki Level I USUI HolyFire and am currently adding a further 150hours of study for a Diploma in Aromatherapy.

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