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Classes run all year round.
The schedule changes with the seasons.
These classes will run from January to end of April...

Tuesday 10h



Ideal if you are just starting out, low on time, or yoga-curious. This shorter, 45min class encourages body awareness to realign and open the body within a flowing practice and develop inner strength through balancing postures.

Suitable for both beginners and advanced yogis, this class gets back to basics and delves deeper into the fundamentals of alignment, posture, joint mobility, limb rotation and hip/foot placement to enable you to improve your understanding of the pose and gather stability from the earth up.

Thursday 15h



Make each movement, each breath sacred.

Using a combination of gentle and flowing Vinyasa this class restores and rebalances body and mind by finding space within, to breathe to move, to be. Reminding us to carve out time for the soul to speak.

Improve strength and feelings of spaciousness gently, slow down the internal dialogue by drawing every essence of your being into the connection of movement and breath.

Suitable to all.

60 minutes.



 At my space or your own.

A class tailored to your needs on the day. A open space to tell me your wants and desires for our 75 minute time together. Slow and targeted or dynamic, or a perfect blend of the two. You choose and we move to the rhythm of our own drum.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

Private sessions start at 95€

All classes can be modified to be suitable to all levels but please let me know privately in advance if you have any injuries, concerns, or if you have had surgery or have health issues.

In my studio or yours I can provide mats and props.

Essential oils and aromatherapy is often used during classes, please inform me of any sensitivity.

Please give a 72-hour notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule your session. All no shows or cancellations made within 72 hours of appointed time will be charged for the full amount of your session.

Weekly Classes: List
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