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From April to December

Join me at my yoga space in Bonnevaux
Click the buttons below to book your class via email or message me on social media or call/text me 0619 04 50 20

Tuesday 10am


Root down to Rise

Ideal if you are just starting out, low on time, or yoga-curious. This shorter, 45min class encourages body awareness to realign and open the body within a flowing practice and develop inner strength through balancing postures.

Suitable for both beginners and advanced yogis, this class gets back to basics and delves deeper into the fundamentals of alignment, posture, joint mobility, limb rotation and hip/foot placement to enable you to improve your understanding of the pose and gather stability from the earth up.

Friday 11am



Go deeper and reconnect to yourself with this practice in self-care and loving kindness. Take time out to really slow down.

In this class we use guided meditation, cushions and other props to allow you to truly relax, find space, quiet and inner calm. You are encouraged to become the observer of your thoughts, to practice the pause, to develop non-reactivity.

Yin yoga involves fewer poses with longer holds to bypass muscles and move into deep connective tissue and joint realignment. We improve flexibility, joint health and promote a deeper awareness of the inner workings of our mind.

Thursday 10am


Sweat & Let Go

This dynamic class is designed to heat the body and improve blood flow. Often in yoga we use breathing techniques to find calm, quiet and stillness. In this class we use the power of the breath to find strength and inner fire. All poses can be modified to allow you to work as hard as you and your body need.

Friday 10am


Yin & Yang

Make each movement, each breath sacred.

Using a combination of slow, gentle and dynamic flowing Vinyasa this class restores and rebalances body and mind by finding space within, to breathe to move, to be. Reminding us to carve out time for the soul to speak.

Improve strength and feelings of spaciousness gently, slow down the internal dialogue by drawing every essence of your being into the connection of movement and breath. Suitable to all.

All classes are 12€ pp and can be modified to be suitable to all levels but please let me know privately in advance if you have any injuries, concerns, or if you have had surgery or have health issues. In my studio or yours I can provide mats and props.

Essential oils and natural aromatherapy is often used during classes, please inform me of any sensitivity.

Off-season Classes: List

Price List

4 week Unlimited Pass AVAILABLE NOW


Single Class

If you are unable to commit to a schedule long term, book and drop into a single class.
Pick your favorite, simply pay on the day.

Loyalty Card

Earn a FREE class

Earn a freebie!
10th class gratuit when you attend 9 classes within 2 months.
Remember to ask for a stamp after each class!



Commit to a whole month to reap the rewards of a regular Yoga practice and enhance your wellbeing. 
Take your pick of up to 4 classes each week for an entire month each uniquely structured to you.
Dedicate time to yourself, your practice, your holistic health.

Off-season Classes: Price List

During the summer months we move our practice outside to the Yoga Deck

Enhance your day...
yoga for mind, body and soul

Wednesday 7h - 8h

Balance & Stregth

Develop your core and bring grounding and stability to your body and your day

Sunday 8h30 - 9h30 

Breathe & Glow

A flowing practice to build stamina, calm the mind, connect to yourself, find calming inner strength

Open to all. 


Off-season Classes: About

P R I V A T E &
O N E 2 O N E

Be in the Moment

Private clients, families, couples, friends, corporate and small groups are welcome. Online or in person.

I have my own yoga space in Bonnevaux just 25 minutes from Morzine and Chatel, and Lac Leman or I am also happy to travel to your own chalet, garden or outdoor location, weather permitting, for private lessons. 

For me, the best part of this beautiful practice is the opportunity to share it with others and to watch as they blossom and develop their very own unique relationship with yoga.

I love to help develop flows that work directly to meet the needs of the individual, so they have the knowledge and ability to introduce yoga into their own personal daily routine. 

Rate dependent on requirements, and frequency of private sessions.

If you are looking for an introduction to self care, yoga and meditation talk to me about a one-to-one Crown To Toes session for a personal guided meditation, gentle movement and reflexology massage.

Off-season Classes: About

Enjoy a relaxing and opening 30 minute Upper back, Neck and Shoulder Stretch with me
via my YouTube channel

Off-season Classes: Video

T R A N Q U I L I T Y & C A L M

Off-season Classes: Classes
Just like moons and like suns,__With the

Peaceful Flow

Connect to yourself. Find inner peace


Engage with the breath and take power from the earth to build heat, discipline and cleanse from within, encourage blood flow, building muscle tone, core strength and stamina.

Off-season Classes: Video
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